We'll be launching in the following days!

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psychogendered created the topic: We'll be launching in the following days!
An acquaintance has convinced me to resurrect the concept of forums designed for, and maintained by, antisocial and psychopathic types.

The goal is the same as it always has been: to provide an outlet and resource for those that are seemingly unallowed to discuss matters of psychology and experience near and dear to them. Some are trying to figure out what a diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder or a confirmation of psychopathy means for them and their lives. Some choose to walk a path of restraint once they have wrapped their minds around their psyche, some do not. This space is intended to be free of the societal pressures that drive us underground.

All I ask is that this space be treated with respect. As long as the privilege of a website and forum of this nature is honored, it will exist. I want this to succeed, but for it to succeed, there will need to be buy-in from its members. This is designed to be one of the few spaces on the web of its kind. Treat it as such.

So, please, take some time and help us make this space the righteous underbelly that it can be.

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