I've outlined the goals for Psychopath Tree in this forum post.

I've been contacted about the perceived need of an antisocial-spectrum site that follows the tongue in cheek acronym FUBUFU: for us, by us, fuck you.  That is, some antisocials need an outlet to discuss their thoughts as well as understand a condition whose diagnosis may have been thrust upon them.  I've tried this before with the now-defunct Sociopath Street as well as this very domain, but the technology has not been there to keep forums viable and the "community" dissolved as a result.  It's been a few years, and I believe the time is right to try this again, especially with the combination of Joomla! and Kunena that power this website, making it a much more viable stack to conduct business with.

The hope for this site is to create a welcome underbelly of sorts in a "proper" world, in which antisocials can simply be themselves.  While I hope for less hyperbole and more real-life shared experiences, all walks on the antisocial and psychopathic spectrums are welcome here.

Many of you know me from my blog, Psychogendered, but my goal is not to be the primary contributor here.  I want to see an organic evolution of antisocial voices, in which they feel empowered to share their own experiences without "fear" of value-judgement or acceptance.  I suspect I will pen some of the first articles for the frontpage, but eventually the goal is to turn it over to other voices and their experiences.

So, I say welcome to our latest and greatest attempt to make this vision a reality.  I look forward to hearing from each and every antisocial that has something to say, as this is your place to speak and be heard, without judgement and without censorship.